Luxury Psychedelic Assisted Therapy


Tripnotherapy™ was awarded Overall Winner: Luxury Psychedelic Retreat in 2021 & 2022 by Worlds Best Rehab Magazine. Therapeutically & Medically Managed.



Overall Winner: Luxury Psychedelic Retreat


Unlike traditional ceremonial retreats, Psychedelic-assisted therapy involves intense therapy alongside the ingestion of a classical psychedelic such as psilocybin, ketamine, or ayahuasca.

Tripnotherapy™ by REMEDY is the Worlds finest Luxury Psychedelic Retreat. Guests include highly motivated individuals keen to experience spiritual connection & mental healing. Tripnotherapy™ is medically managed and therapeutically led.

Awarded Overall Winner: Luxury Psychedelic Retreat 2021 & 2022, Tripnotherapy™ is an experience unlike any other. Our retreats are professional, safe, luxurious and private. All participants are motivated to learn, to heal and to grow.

The setting at Tripnotherapy™ is sublime, allowing a profoundly personal and intensely indulgent journey.


Tripnotherapy Guided Psychedelic Retreats

Overall Winner: Luxury Psychedelic Retreat 2021 & 2022


In rigorous and well-controlled clinical trials over the past decade, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy (using classical psychedelics such as psilocybin, and related compounds) has produced some remarkable outcomes for individuals suffering with addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, burnout & life crisis.

Renewed Purpose

Your New Sense of Purpose

Psychedelic-assisted therapies can improve well-being, in ways that are similar to mindfulness practices. Mindfulness practice and psychedelic experiences can positively alter one’s emotional process in two primary ways: increasing the ability to be in direct contact with the present moment (instead of being caught in emotions of the past or anticipation of the future) and enhancing experiences of positive emotions.

Addiction Treatment

Dependency Treatment

Tripnotherapy™ is delivered exclusively by the team behind Remedy Wellbeing™, the most exclusive treatment center in the World. There, in complete privacy and luxury entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals, politicians and those subject to intense media scrutiny have healed addiction and substance use disorder. Tripnotherapy™ programs apply this same learning during our luxury retreats.


Peak Performance

Some of the brightest minds and most successful entrepreneurs, actors and inventors report increased productivity and creativeness after experiencing Psychedelic Assisted Therapy and the Tripnotherapy™ approach. Delivered exclusively by Remedy Wellbeing, the Luxury Wellness retreat of the rich and famous, guests are assured privacy and freedom to explore their innermost selves and return to a life well lived.

Universal Connection


Spirituality is the search for one’s internal world, the search for purpose, a sense of complete tranquility, and life’s intangible dimensions. ‘Spirituality’, by definition, is a literal belief in non-naturalistic entities. But what’s striking about psychedelics is that they induce experiences that guests call ‘spiritual’ even when they had no prior interest or belief in an any such thing.

Life Crisis

Faster Resolution

Different events and experiences can result in a life crisis. Each person is unique in how an event can impact them. There are several areas of our life that a crisis can occur, in our relationships with friends, family and our partner, business, and mental and physical health. Psychedelic Assisted Therapy breaks through the elements of a crsis that causes the brain to fog and freeze.


Something Missing

Many guests choose a Psychedelic retreat not for any defined reason. They may have no mental wellness concerns and no dependency issues. Lots of guests may have some limited experience with Psychedelics or with therapy yet feel there is something missing in life. An unexplained emptiness, or a curiosity to experience something greater than themselves. Tripnotherapy™ is an ideal place to explore.


Unique Approach

Ketamine has a calming effect shown to positively affect those with Anxiety. Long after the Tripnotherapy™, the antidepressant and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects continue to boost a patients mood. Our medically managed Ketamine infusions treat those with depression and anxiety, especially cases that do not respond to traditional medications.


Groundbreaking Treatment

Unlike traditional SSRIs, Psychedelics seem to induce a state of plasticity that can make it easier for people to rewire neuronal circuits and learn new things, like they did when their brains were younger, providing the opportunity for therapy to be especially effective. Guests are more likely to embrace new connections and ways of thinking during their Tripnotheray™


What People are Saying

“Sense of Purpose”

“Attending Tripnotherapy was one of the best decisions I have made that has benefited me on the highest level. If you need clarity in your life, if you want a sense of purpose, if you have any addictions or negative thoughts patterns that no longer serve you, and if you truly want to step into your power and actualize the greatness in yourself – take a leap of faith!

Harry, UK


“For those sitting on the fence and unsure, I get it. Before you spend countless hours doing more research know that Tripnotherapy is not your average Psychedelic retreat. There are no ceremonies, no so-called shaman dressed in funny outfits. Tripnotherapy is run exclusively by Remedy Wellbing, the rehab of the rich and famous and their professionalism shows”

Andrew, Edinburgh UK


“Tripnotherapy™ is amazing. I have been to several “high-end” retreats, but Tripnotherapy™ is another world. I was somewhat skeptical about psychedelic treatment but I found their program for treating depression to be the most advanced and comprehensive in the world. The team is so kind and compassionate and they really know their stuff.

Tilly, Malibu USA

“Luxury Retreat”

“At the beginning of 2021 I suffered with a terrible burnout. I believe my burnout retreat at Tripnotherapy was the decision that saved my company. I regained the joy of running a company and calibrated my focus on the things that really matter. Tripnotherapy is an extremely professional luxury retreat and certainly not what I was expecting. I will be back. “

Jonas, NYC USA

Bahamas + Portugal + Netherlands + Jamaica

What to Expect from Tripnotherapy™


Tripnotherapy™ has been described as a ‘life changing journey’.

During your three night luxury 6* retreat therapists and facilitators will work with you to determine the ‘set’ of your experience. This could be a search for peace, connection, fulfilment or puropose. Psilocybin, Ketamine & Ayahuasca create an environment to access deep inner knowledge, recognize your reality in novel ways, and explore the nature of life, consciousness, and the universe.


The ‘setting’ of your experience is one of our luxury residences. We invite you to fall in love with our gentle micro climate, sea air and experience residences that have endured time by poignantly blending heritage and innovation whilst retaining their original charm.  All our residences are rich in traditions that embrace the universal spirit, we call you to move at our pace, one that nurtures the important things in life, family, community, laughter and togetherness.