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We invite you to experience the Worlds Best Psychedelic Retreats, in safe, luxury surroundings with therapists, facilitators and medical supervision. We call you to move at our pace, one that nurtures the important things in life, family, community, laughter and togetherness. Discover another side of yourself with us

Overall Winner: Luxury Psychedelic Retreat 2021 & 2022


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Tripnotherapy™ retreats are licensed exclusively to REMEDY Wellbeing, the Worlds Most Exclusive Luxury Wellness and Rehab center. Awarded Overall Winner: Worlds Best Rehab 2022 Remedy is without doubt the most exclusive wellness and rehab experience on Earth.

All Tripnotherapy™ Retreats are facilitated by the REMEDY Center of Excellence at a selection of their handopicked properties Worldwide. The Tripnotherapy program is available to guests at REMEDY or as a Standalone program at one of our dedicated retreats.

Tripnotherapy™ embodies the emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects of healing. Our mission is to empower each guest to bridge the gap between mind, body, and spirit and become a more fully integrated and connected versions of themselves.

At Tripnotherapy™ by REMEDY ™ we’ve created a framework to help you fully relase limiting beliefs and finally step into your power.

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Tripnotherapy Experiences

Non Judgemental, Shame Free

Your New Life Starts Here

We believe that mental health issues can be attributed to, and marked by, a fundamental sense of disconnection that many of us experience in the modern-day world. Psychedelic-assisted therapy typically involves talk therapy alongside the ingestion of a classical psychedelic such as psilocybin or ayahuasca.


Used for millennia, Ayahuasca may have antidepressant and anxiolytic activity. The ancient plant based medicine has more recently been found to be a potential saving grace to millions of people suffering from dependecies and a whole range of mental health disorders. Ayahuasca is a powerful psychedelic experience that can unlock past trauma.


Psilocybin deepens our connection to the Universe, and each other. It has been shown to accelerate the healing process in many people for often debilitating  symptoms, such as burnout, depression & anxiety. Tripnotherapy combines the therapeutic effects of psilocybin with the support of the experienced team from REMEDY, the Worlds most exclusive recovery center.

Psychedelic Therapy

Tripnotherapy by REMEDY is the Worlds finest Psychedelic therapy (sometimes referred to as psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy) is a type of psychiatric practice that involves ingesting a psychedelic as part of a psychotherapeutic process. In psychedelic therapy, the use of psychedelics is typically combined with talk therapy and other holistic modalities.


While the majority of antidepressants target neurotransmitters such as serotonin, norepinephrine or dopamine, ketamine targets overactive glutamate receptor genes that can cause an imbalance with GABA resulting in changes in mental health. Ketamine Infusions have shown promising results in treating depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), suicidal ideation, and substance use disorder.


Tripnotherapy Retreats are medically spervised and therapeutcially managed. Nothing is left to chance. Tripnotherapy is licensed exclusively to REMEDY Wellbeing and is managed by their Center of Excellence. Every Tripnotherapy retreat begins with a private and confiential non-invasive health screening and mental wellness checkup and medical staff are on hand throughout the retreat as well as 24/7 paramedics.


Tripnotherapy retreats have exclusive access to the REMEDY Wellbeing Global Property Portfolio. REMEDY is the worlds most exclusive rehab treatment center & Overall Winner of Worlds Best Rehab 2022. Tripnotherapy retreats currently take place at beautiful. luxurious villas in the Bahamas, Portugal, Netherlands &  Spain; being jurisdictions which are favorable for Psychedelic Assisted Therapy.