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Psilocybin is one of the safest natural substances known to humanity. Although feeling safe and well-looked-after in a psychedelic retreat is one of the most important factors in ensuring you have a positive and transformative experience.


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Booking Protocols

As well as requiring all our participants to fill out an in-depth health screening form, to make sure we are aware of any and all underlying health conditions, we have paramedic supervision at every single one of our retreats.

We have a qualified paramedic and nursing staff on hand during every retreat, ready to provide medical aid if required. We also have a well-established emergency protocol, allowing us to respond quickly in the unprecedented event of a medical situation.

Despite psilocybin being non-toxic, non-addictive, and having very few dangerous contraindications, we believe that a safe retreat is an effective retreat. When you know that you and everyone else at your retreat has had their medical and mental health risk minimized, you can totally focus on your own transformational process.


Our Retreats

Luxury Retreats

Tripnotherapy™ is licensed exclusivly to REMEDY Wellbeing, the Worlds Most Exclusive Rehab and Overall Winner of the prestigious Rehab of the Year award 2022. Tripnotherapy™ runs four day Luxury Psychedelic Retreats in the Bahamas, Portugal, Netherlands &  Spain. The retreats take place at REMEDY properties in all locations which are exclusively used for Tripnotherapy™ guests.


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Preparation encompasses professional guidance from your facilitators online before the retreat. All our guests are given resources to help them start to build up techniques to ensure the most benefit from their experience. Our stringent medical protocol and intake process ensures each guest a safe and fulfilling experience, mitigating contraindications. 


We have a full medical team, including paramedics and nurses. When you arrive, as part of your orientation, we test for drugs, as well as assess your electrolytes and take an initial EKG reading. If there are any issues, we will delay your retreat until the medical team consider you to be ready. During your treatment, you are regularly monitored with an EKG machine.


Tripnotherapy™ retreats are located in the Bahamas, Portugal, Netherlands & Spain. These locations provide the setting for an immensly rewarding luxury psychedelic experience. They are also progressive locations in the use of Psychedelics & Plant Based Medicine. Our 6* locations are fully staffed by experienced housekeeprs and catered by executive chefs.

Privacy Matters

Tripnotherapy ensures guest privacy and guests can expect total anonymity. We adhere to both HIPPA and GDPR and everything we do is legal. Tripnotherapy is licensed exclusively to REMEDY Wellbeing which exists to help you find serenity according to your highest values, whatever those values may be. Arrive with an open heart & leave changed forever.

Authentic Treatment

All of the preparation, support, and integration offerings at Tripnotherapy have been designed from a combination of the latest scientific research, long-standing traditional psychedelic wisdom, and the expertise of our lead facilitators. We believe we curate an optimal luxury environment for personal transformation and emotional well-being, unlike any other.

Therapeutic Connection

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy is the process of understanding and embodying the psychedelic experience, and incorporating its learnings into everyday life. It is a crucial part of Tipnotherapy, and can last long after the retreat. It will involve 1-on-1 therapy during the retreat, and learning how to transform the psychedelic experience into tangible benefits for your life back home.