Intensive Outpatient Program


Physis Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Program is available as an online program, and in our luxury IOP clinics in major towns and cities Worldwide.


Physis Recovery IOP

Non-Residential Intensive Treatment

Physis Recovery Outpatient Care

Not all mental wellness and addiction treatment cases require inpatient rehab. While our multi-award winning Recovery clinic in Marbella provides the very best in-patient recovery, our patented Physis Method® works exceptionally well for clients who may not require, or may not be able to attend our in-patient facility in Spain.

Our comprehensive services and treatment programs equip our clients with the tools needed to establish the major lifestyle changes necessary to maintain a life free from depression, anxiety, burnout, substance use and process addiction. Individualized care is delivered by our leading therapeutic experts in our clinics and via teletherapy settings designed to make clients feel safe, comfortable and confident about their future in recovery. Where appropriate our rich & complete family program allows clients and their families to heal together.


 clients who are motivated to recover

We have extended our treatment beyond our Marbella Rehab to live, high-definition telehealth. We’ve watched clients thrive with our services from the comfort and safety of their homes. Whether you attend in person or via our digital health platform, you will still receive the same award-winning treatment.

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Individualized Program

The Physis Recovery Intensive Outpatient Program places individualized care at the heart of everything we do. Just like at our main clinic in Marbella, each IOP client first has a comprehensive assessment. Our therapeutic experts then work with the client to devise the very best indiovidual course of treatment for the best results.

Group Therapy (IOP)

Group counseling sessions serve as a core aspect of successful treatment. Group sessions via our app cover a variety of topics such as psycho-education, relapse prevention, and relationships. Groups take place daily, Monday to Friday, and provide safe, structured environments for our IPO clients to maintain lasting recovery.

Individual Therapy (IOP)

Individual counseling sessions provide clients with the opportunity to address successful recovery in a one-on-one setting with a licensed therapist and/or certified specialist counselor. Therapists, counselors and clients collaborate and work together to develop ways to maintain long term recovery and prevent relapse.

Couples Program

Physis Recovery’s IOP is a treatment program where couples can attend together, reaffirming commitment to one another in a life of lasting recovery. Couples that attend our IOP together have the opportunity to attend treatments and therapy sessions individually and together.

Families Counseling

Family group and private counseling sessions can provide the addict and his or her loved ones with an opportunity to work on the process of recovery together. What often gets lost in the fights and conflict of addiction is the underlying love that family members have for one another.

Professionals Program

Higher functioning adults may be able to keep their careers going no matter how difficult, all the while suffering a deep and internal battle with depression, isolation, anxiety or even an undiagnosed mental health issue such as bi-polar, PTSD or generalized anxiety disorder.

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