Inspiring Destinations


Tripnotherapy™ can be experienced in some of the Worlds most amazing destinations. We currently run 6* Luxury Retreats in the Bahamas, Portugal, Netherlands &  Spain. Tripnotherapy™ are at the forefront of the Global Psychedelic Renaissance and support legislative change Worldwide.


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Finest Psychedelic Retreats in the world

Psychedelic Luxe

Dotted throughout the extensive grounds of the Residences, our guest rooms and villas are a chance to step away from everyday life and retreat to light-filled interiors overlooking the sea.

Tripnotherapy has exclusive use of the properties of REMEDY Wellbeing, the Worlds Most Exclusive Rehab Retreat. With enclaves in the Bahamas, Portugal, Netherlands &  Spain, Tripnotherapy seeks to redefine luxury psychedelic experiences.

All of our 6* properties are as charming as they are exceptional. The calming and tranquil environment helps realign body, mind and spirit. The pure, clean air and stunning vistas help bring clarity and connection.

Tripnotherapy retreats are a place of peace and wiser holistic wellbeing. Where healing ocean waters & naturally healthy lifestyle will bring out your best self. Connect with your inner you. Stop, and experience life at its best.

Tripnotherapy Luxury Experiences

Botanical wisdom + inner beauty 

Your New Life Starts Here

Our past and current life experiences and the meaning we make from them can give rise to negative and overwhelming psychological, emotional, and physical symptoms. Factors such trauma, divorce, grief, burnout, depression and anxiety can shape our perception of ourselves and the world, including how we react and respond to life’s challenges and our ability to navigate our emotions.

These perceptions can become habitual patterns and cycles that contribute to suffering. Psilocybin can help guests break out of self-destructive patterns and reconnect with a sense of purpose, passion, and creativity in life.


While the Bahamas is a signatory to the 1971 UN Convention, the sale, possession, and use of Psilocybin is legal in the region. The Tripnotherapy Residendces in the Bahamas are on a private, newly completed luxury estate on a secluded beach on Grand Bahama. Our luxurious and completely private villa compound is a fully staffed, island residence specifically created for intimate ceremonies of up to ten guests seeking the most comprehensive experience.


Portugal’s progressive legislation has decriminalizecd posession and use, which means there is no criminal legislation enacted around the Tripnotherapy Program. Portugal is home to our Ibogaine retreats. Ibogaine is derived from the bark of the Tabernanthe iboa plant and offers an all-natural healing experience to those suffering from substance use disorder and dependency issues, and has been proven to be very effective in treatment.


Spain is home to our Ketamine Infusion Therapy. Here, psychosomatic medicine combines with intense psychotherapy. Medically prescribed Ketamine infusions are legal in Spain and have shown huge success in the treatment of burnout, anxiety, depression, trauma, isolation, insomnia & substance use disorders. Biochemical restoration and our sleep laboratory are also available at our retreats in Ibiza and Andalucia.

Yacht Experience

Tripnotherapy has access to the REMEDY Wellbeing’s own 125ft luxury yacht to set sail for magical adventures around uninhabited islands. Here, with a 24/7 team experts our Tripnotherapy program works to repair the broken circuitry of life while sailing crystal clear waters, diving, snorkeling, horse riding in the surf, jet biking and having the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves, with nature and with the Universe.


Our luxury, secluded and private villas in the Netherlands are home to our award winning Truffle Retreats. Since 2019, psychedelic truffles are fully taxed and legalized in the Netherlands. The luxury residences in our collection are situated in upsclae Amsterday or on a unique spot by the sea, in complete harmony with nature. Our Netherlands retreats are exceptionally popular.