Exceptional Care


Tripnotherapy™ employs the most knowledgeable and experienced staff. We pride ourselves on providing leading Psychedelic and Psychotherapeutic care with Governance from the Center of Excellence at REMEDY Wellbeing™.

Our Team

Tripnotherapy™ by REMEDY Wellbeing

“We are delighted to hold the exclusive licsense to Tripnotherapy™, the Worlds first and finest 5* luxury retreat that harmoniously blends the therapeutic extertise and magnificent property portfolio of REMEDY Wellbeing with the ancient traditions of plant based medicine, reimagined for the 21st Century.

Every member of our staff is dedicated to assisting each resident on their own unique path to recovery. From our resident therapists to our Chief Clinical Officer, we all view residents as the individuals they are, and offer them our greatest care. Our mission, as a staff, is to offer residents suffering from mental health conditions, process addictions and substance dependence the opportunity to develop a strong foundation in recovery from which they can build a wonderful and exhilarating future”.

Counsellors & Therapists

 Tripnotherapy team

6* Luxury Psychedelic Healing

Self Actualization

Allow yourself to let go as you embark on a  healing therapeutic journey where your mind and body transcend, assisted by the the ingestion of a classical psychedelics such as psilocybin, ketamine, or ayahuasca under medical supervision and psychotherapeutic support.

The Tripnotherapy™ Family

World Class Team

Our clinical and medical team of doctors, psychotherapists and nutritionists includes world-renowned Psychedelic practitioners with unparalleled expertise.

Philippa Gold Marbella Rehab

Philippa Gold

Therapeutic Director

Philippa Gold is the Therapeutic Director of Tripnotherapy and an International expert on the integration of evidence-based Psychotherapeutic practices. She oversees care at the retreats.

Robert Mills Marbella Rehab

Robert Mills

Paramedic Consultant

Robert brings to this position a well ranging breadth of experience that spans more than three decades of frontline Paramedic Care. Robert has worked with the White Helmets and United Nations.

Amanda Stuart Marbella Rehab

Amanda Stuart


Amanda Stuart earned her Bachelor in Psychology from the University of Vienna, and her Psy.D. at The Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA. She completed her internship at the Center for Psychiatry

Alexander Humpries Marbella Rehab

Alexander Humphries

Admisions Manager

Alexander has been working in the psychedelic field since 2012 and now manages the Tripnotherapy admissions team. Alexander will be your your first point of contact with Tripnotherapy™.

Maria Walker the Marbella Rehab

Maria Walker

Personal Trainer

Maria has 20+ years experience & qualifications in Personal Training, Nutrition, Sports rehabilitation, Cardio-fitness, Rehabilitative Strength Training, Injury Prevention and other specialisms

Marcella Santiago Marbella Rehab

Marcella Santiago

Executive Chef

After graduating with her cordon bleu diploma, Marcella worked in Paris-based Restaurant Arnaud Nicolas. Marcella has a deep interest in Biochemical restoration and Orthomolecular medicine.